Our Farmers

We pride ourselves in knowing we have the very best farmers.

Headquartered in Carmo de Minas , serving several municipalities in the region, COCARIVE stands for the production of specialty coffees promoting the development of the region.


Situated in the mining face of the Serra da Mantiqueira , with very fertile land and an excellent conducive to the production of specialty coffees climate, has been gaining ground each year the results of quality contests held in Brazil .

The COCARIVE with regard to specialty coffees , provides Criminal Coffee Company the services of a professional structure with a high level of expertise in the evaluation and tasting different coffees.


The COCARIVE has been working on a project of high quality coffees , whose goal is to add value to the product, consolidating the region already recognized nationally and internationally as a producer of specialty coffees, exporting to USA, Japan, Australia, Korea, Belgium, Italy, etc.


This design of specialty COCARIVE coffee offers the market a differentiated product, both in sensory attributes as a product of controlled origin.