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Artisan Coffee Roastery & Toastery

Welcome to Criminal Coffee Co. 

At our HQ we are extremely passionate of serving up the very best, tasty gourmet toasties, matched with our exceptional award winning coffee blends.

However you like your drop.

Our Roastery

When we launched in summer 2019, our central promise was to build a state of the art coffee roastery to supply coffee to our locations around the Sunshine Coast. We delivered on that promise, opening our unique roastery in an abandoned space in the heart of the Sunshine Coast. 

From our roastery, Head Roasters Jack Nicholson and Simon Brilliant work effortlessly as a team, and C.C.C Head of Coffee Rachel to taste, select, and roast the coffee before it’s packed and delivered to our stores and locations around Australia each week. Rachel, Simon and Jack work closely with a team of boutique importers, guaranteeing fair pay to farmers, as well as investing in projects to improve the communities that they rely so much on.

We only allow the very best blends to be released to the world, the ones we know you will certainly enjoy, but more importantly, love.


Our Coffee

Boardroom & Office Space

Do you hold meetings in busy cafes or lunch spots?

Here at our HQ you can enjoy our private boardroom space within our Roastery.

A personal service with in house roasted coffee with cakes & treats.